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Who am I?

I'm Bruno Maluf and I run multiple seven figure companies that profit by finding killer off-market deals to 1) wholesale, 2) flip, 3) brrrr or 4) buy & hold.The secret to my success is that I focused on the most high-leverage skill there is in the real estate world: Acquisitions.My team and I have been testing and refining the best ways to get directly in contact with motivated sellers for years.We got to the point where we could predictably find off-market deals that would make for great acquisitions anywhere in the US.We created the Off-Market Acquisition System and used it to scale each of our businesses to 7 seven figures within a year.Now I offer to implement the exact same system for people like you and guarantee you the deals you want. Better yet - I'll work with you for free until you do!I can only offer a guarantee like this because I extremely confident in this system as it's made multiple millions of dollars for my companies.My team and I are full-time real estate investors, not some marketing company trying to sell you leads... we are in the business each and every waking moment of our lives, and since there's nothing special about us, we are 100% confident that you can make these simple systems work for your business too.So, how does this all work? Here's what the system looks like:

Define Buying Criteria

Build Prospect List

Setup Acquisition System

Launch Campaigns

Qualify & Sort Leads

Underwrite Deals & Make Offers

Negotiate With Sellers

Get Deals Under Contract

Close & Repeat

Case Studies - Recent Off-Market Deals

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